“Christians for One God” believe God is one, not three. We meet regularly to discuss this and study it in the Bible. But we also discuss other theological subjects.

Our acronym, CFOG, signifies that we C thru the FOG of Trinitarianism into the glorious light of the one true God, our Father, who is fully revealed in our risen and glorified Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are part of the growing “One God Movement,” and we call ourselves “One God Christians.” Many of us are former Trinitarian Christians.

We will withdraw our rhetorical statement—C thru the FOG of Trinitarianism—when the church withdraws its erroneous, non-biblical assertion that people must believe in the doctrine of the Trinity to be genuine Christians, thus denying that we are Christians. More precisely, we will do this when mainline church denominations retract the teaching of their creeds—that people must believe God is three persons and Jesus is “very God of very God”—and return to the true, biblical proclamation in the earlier Apostles’ Creed: “I believe in God the Father almighty; [Maker/Creator of heaven and earth], and in Christ Jesus His only Son, our Lord,” in which Jesus is not identified as God.